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Extraordinary Ordinary Lives

Extraordinary Ordinary Lives presents an intimate, moving portrayal of fourteen women who heard and answered a call to religious life. It vividly describes how each embraced a life of poverty, chastity and obedience. This compelling book demystifies a way of life puzzling to many and grants a rare look into the hidden chambers of the hearts and minds of the Visitation Sisters of Holy Mary. These visible and vibrant women combine ancient values with modern life in an incredible and inspiring way.

The order, founded in 1610 by Saints Jane de Chantal and Francis de Sales, calls for a unique spirituality that emphasizes gentleness and humility, two virtues little celebrated in the 21st century. Visitation Sisters believe the divine can be found in the everyday, and that when they fulfill their intention to seek God in each moment, then turn to the business at hand and perform it joyfully, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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About the Author

Elsa Thompson Hofmeister has a long association
with the Visitation Sisters, as both an alumna and
a retired administrator of their school.  A career
educator, she holds degrees from three universities
in English, counseling and administration.  This book
is an expression of her profound appreciation for
the spiritual insight the sisters imparted to her as a
student, colleague and especially, through the
interviews contained in this book.

Elsa lives in Burnsville, MN with her husband, Don,
who shares her love and admiration for the
Visitation Sisters.  This is her first book.

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